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Web AR/VR Experience

Our assets are set up for you to have that AR/VR experience first on our site before you make your purchase.

Product Variety

We have a variety of 3D assets perfectly made to suit your taste or need – Ranging from Characters to Environments.

Affordable Assets

Our prices are quite unbeatable when quality is taken into account. With a couple of bucks, you get what you need for your 3D production

Ease Pipeline Support

We work to make sure our assets are compatible to game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine.

Ready for Production

You import and use immediately with no issues. That is how we make our assets easy for you to get into production.


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Average Customer Rating

It has been a great experience, turning ideas into real production and allowing us to test assets in just a few hours. The quality is unsurpassed
Gloria Simic
There is never a failed model from these guys since i bought the vintage car models, just one you learned more from. Great job guys.
Mmasi .I
3D Artist
Error-free production has become the reality on my projects in UE thanks to Utrax’s baking process. It has been so suiting for me personally.
Emin Mamedov
3D Artist